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eden lime insulationEden Lime Insulation was developed whilst  looking at the insulation of an Eighteenth century house.  It had little insulation, big problems with condensation and the owner was reluctant to tank it, seal it  or inject it all of which would make it non breathable. The aim therefore was  to insulate the property with a breathable material.


Eden Lime looked at the products on the market at the time and it was felt that non of these matched the requirements of a fully breathable insulation material. Over a period of months Eden Lime undertook their own in house trials and product development to come up with a new solution. The  final insulation product was sent as a test sample to The National Physical Laboratory in December 2010 for a thermal conductivity test.  The results of these tests can be seen in the following report > (Test results PDF download)

(U-value calculation 500mm wall)

(U-value calculation 600mm wall)


This in practice would mean for example to achieve a U value of 1.19  that on a 500mm sandstone wall it would require 50mm of Eden Lime Insulation.


Having achieved these satisfactory results with a breathable product Eden Lime Insulation has now been used on the C18th  house and a number of other properties.


Eden Lime Insulation  is to be mixed onsite and applied in layers directly onto the internal stone walls. The character of the walls can this way be kept by plastering with the contours of the wall. The layers can then be built up to what ever U value is required.


Technical Information and Tips for using Eden Lime Insulation



one coat of eden lime insulationEden lime insulation is a breathable insulation which can be applied directly on to the interior external walls as well as internal walls. The insulation is applied in a wet form, normally with the aid of a harlin trowel, but some builders use a conventional float. The insulation can be built up in layers, at a maximum of 20-25mm at any one point, once dry another layer can then be applied. The first coat can be left quite rough as it will aid the cohesion of the following layer. The second layer can be smoothed off an hour or two later so the skim coat will be easier to apply. Generally people tend to apply 50mm followed by a 4mm skim coat. followed by a lime wash finish. It has been known for some architects to specify 100mm in four coats, but from feedback that we are receiving, 50mm is achieving some wonderful results.


46mm of Eden Lime Insulation has a Thermal conductivity ( Landa Value) (W/m:K)   0.113

Results c/o National Physical Laboratory  specimen QM398    reference: 2010120038/1


Health & Safety Information

  • Eye protection must be worn at all times
  • It is advisable to wear gloves- nitrile/ latex are desirable
  • Masks are advisable when taking the perlite out of the bag



Mixing of the Insulation

The materials for the insulation come in four separate bags, the materials can be mixed in a paddle mixer (preferable- less splashback) or a belle mixer, the contents require a thorough mix (15-20 mins) before application. The walls need to have been brushed down of any loose materials then given a wash down half an hour before applying the first layer. The second layer is generally applied a week later once the first layer has dried (turned white), this depends on the temperature/humidity and how dry the walls are.before applying the second layer the first layer should be dampened.


(PDF download of the technical and tips section)


Customer Feedback:

“Unsure at first about the product but now  looking to use it on more properties  as I’m very happy with the finish and the warmth of the house”.
A Bell, Alston.


“Wonderful to bring a house to life and not have the straight lines of ridged insulation”
M Armstrong, Kirkby Stephen.


“...........Love it!”
C Sowerby, Kirkby Stephen.


“Really like the finish and insulating properties “.
T Woof, Wharton